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In fact, when post-operative chemotherapy was used as a typical of care in colon and breast cancer, it was predicated on data demonstrating much less advantage to what we now have achieved for lung tumor sufferers, he added. In the seven-year study involving 482 patients from Canada and america, investigators led by Dr. Winton discovered that post-surgical treatment with the chemotherapy medications vinorelbine and cisplatin improved the survival rate after five years by 15 percent. To this research Prior, surgery was the only treatment available for patients with this common kind of lung cancer, but the tumour often recurred beyond the lung within a couple of years and was after that incurable. Cancer care experts throughout Canada, america, United Kingdom, Scandinavia, European countries, South East Asia and Australia are actually providing chemotherapy treatment after medical operation to their individuals with early-stage non-small cell lung cancers, says Dr.Barnard suggests eating large amounts of dark berries and leafy greens, as those foods help out with keeping your brain healthy. It’s also helpful to consume almonds and other foods with high levels of vitamin E. Individuals who got the most vitamin E got 60 % much less risk for Alzheimer’s compared to other people. Alzheimer’s: Families face challenging healthcare decisions ‘Everybody should be focusing on vegetables, fruits, wholegrains, beans. When people look at vegetarians, they live longer, they have less heart disease and it appears like they have an edge in mental health, aswell. There is less threat of dementia,’ said Barnard. It’s not just what you place in the body that can help, but also everything you do with it.