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24, 2012 – – To encourage visitors to protect their health through the winter season and fall season, BI-LO is definitely continuing its Shield Yourself advertising campaign with flu avoidance giveaways Oct. 24 – 30. During that right time, BI-LO BONUSCARD® associates who receive an in-shop flu vaccine at the grocer's in-shop pharmacies can also have the following flu avoidance products*: 64 oz. Southern House® focus orange juice 35 ct. Domestix disinfectant wipes 160 ct. Southern House facial cells 8 oz. Top Treatment® hands sanitizer The flu vaccine system offers three different alternatives because of this full year &# 39;s influenza vaccine to greatly help shield customers from the flu.This is because of the reduction in the reduced density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol in the physical body. The research have revealed these also arrive with other heart-wellness benefits like reduced amount of blood circulation pressure and inflammation. Healthy weight reduction: The body generally does take time to chew meals and while consuming the fibrous foods, enough time limit increases making our body to supply more push for finishing the duty of chewing. Furthermore, these meals keep carefully the empty space occupied in your tummy which will make the body stay complete for much longer period. Besides this, these contain extremely less calories that assist you to keep proper curves of the body along with correct fat.