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Clinical trial targets breast cancer cells by injecting trastuzumab into the spinal fluid directly In two to five % of women with breast cancer, tumor cells migrate in to the spinal liquid invading the tissue surrounding the brain and spinal cord called the meninges. While a uncommon complication, the condition is challenging because there is no agreed-upon standard of treatment, leaving little expect patients affected. Northwestern Medicine – researchers are currently examining a novel approach to delivering an FDA authorized drug that they hope will advance research because of this type of cancer and result in discoveries that may improve outcomes in the future. As part of the scientific trial, the drug Trastuzumab is straight injected in to the spinal fluid in hopes of stopping the development of the cancers cells in patients with HER-2 positive breasts cancers.For this good reason, it is sometimes helpful to obtain X-rays of the child’s other, uninjured foot to review to the hurt foot.

Are statin medicines the cause of widespread decline in brain function? Diseases of the brain are rampant in America today, and evidence shows that a popular class of pharmaceutical medicines might be largely to blame. They’re known as statins, and the science behind how they function in your body reveals that these powerful drugs steadily degrade the brain by depriving it of cholesterol, resulting in memory complications, dementia and other comparable conditions.