CDC scientific fraud: an revise on Dr.

CDC scientific fraud: an revise on Dr . Poul Thorsen who authored fraudulent study ‘disproving’ vaccine-autism connection and stole huge amount of money The legitimacy of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Avoidance as a trustworthy safeguard of public wellness hangs in the total amount as evidence continues to emerge about rampant deception, fraud and actually cash laundering within the agency. Specifically with regard to vaccines and autism, key players mixed up in propaganda marketing campaign to deny this hyperlink are now being exposed as liars focusing on behalf of the vaccine industry.

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration formally approved the sale of Truvada as a preventive measure for healthy people at high risk of getting HIV. The CDC isn’t recommending the pill for all active heterosexuals sexually. And even among lovers where one individual has HIV, regular condom use is effective protection. There an estimated 140,000 heterosexual couples in which one person is infected with the Helps virus. But the pill will be a good option for a few that wanted to have a baby, Smith said, describing one feasible scenario. The drug’s producer, Gilead Sciences Inc., stated this week it’s challenging to break down what part of Truvada sales have been for prevention.