ESMO President-Elect.

Cancer patients to end up being treated by qualified professionals The European Society for Medical Oncology is contacting European politicians to voice their support for a decisive step to help ensure cancer patients have the greatest treatment. At a gathering of the European Commission today representatives from all EU Member States met in Brussels to consider the position of medical oncology as an established specialty under EU laws woman viagra . Jose Baselga, ESMO President-Elect. It could enable the free motion of medical oncologists within EU Member States, with their professional qualifications being automatically recognized. Baselga. Medical oncologists are doctors who specialize in looking after cancer patients. They have training in internal medication, and subsequent specialization in the comprehensive management of patients with malignancies.

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Professor Lancellotti concluded: A registry of RIHD is needed in Europe to look for the true prevalence of the condition and collect end result data, he said. This as well as screening should decrease the risk of sufferers developing RIHD and enable us to treat it early when it does occur. .. Cancer patients who all receive upper body radiation should display screen for cardiovascular disease every 5-10 years Cancer patients who also receive chest radiation ought to be screened for heart disease every 5-10 years, according to the European Association of Cardiovascular Imaging of the European Culture of Cardiology and the American Society of Echocardiography . Their recommendations are outlined in the 1st expert consensus statement on screening for radiation-induced heart disease , published today in European Center Journal – Cardiovascular Imaging.1 Professor Patrizio Lancellotti, chair of the expert job force and president of the EACVI, said: The prevalence of radiation-induced cardiovascular disease is increasing as the rate of cancers survival has improved.