Regarded by world nations to become a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Dow AgroSciences, which along with DuPont and Monsanto is definitely invested in genetically engineered crops seriously, offers petitioned the U.S. Government to deregulate a number of GE corn that’s resistant to 2,4-D, which comprises 50 percent of the recipe of Agent Orange. NaturalNews broke this tale yesterday and released the details: If the petition is accepted by Washington, it could turn America’s corn areas into chemical warfare zones targeted for mass pesticide poisoning with 2,4-D chemical substances. The corn, of course, will be immune to 2,4-D, so it would uptake the chemical substance and transport it right into the structure of the corn kernels, creating ‘Agent Orange corn bombs’ that would be chemically unleashed when consumed by humans.One research, led by Dr. Leo Trasande, a co-employee professor of pediatrics and environmental medication at the NYU College of Medicine, included 766 adolescents aged 12 to 19 who had been signed up for a long-running research of their dietary and dietary behaviors between 2003 to 2008. The experts were trying to find if chemicals found in making of plastics known as phthalates were adding to insulin level of resistance in the teens. Insulin resistance can be a condition where the body will not effectively use insulin, a hormone manufactured in the pancreas that reduces sugars and starches within our foods into bloodstream sugar, or glucose. In healthful people, insulin reduces blood glucose after meals to keep their bloodstream sugar in a standard range.