It is due to primary headache usually.

Establishing the current presence of chronic daily headache requires documentation of more than 15 days per month of prolonged headaches . Most cases of chronic daily headache are because of primary headache, but other causes such as structural lesions should be considered; most situations of primary headache that are troublesome are because of chronic migraine. Treatments for sufferers with chronic migraine are actually available. Medication overuse is normally a common complication of headache treatment and makes successful treatment more difficult.. Chronic migraine and other styles of chronic daily headache Chronic daily headache is a disabling and common condition.Instead, they said the bill was customized narrowly to reduce costs’ . The Washington Post: ‘Republicans said their plan had not been designed to rapidly expand insurance coverage, but to take a step-by-step strategy that begins with lower insurance costs. Rep. Dave Camp , the senior Republican on the House Means and Methods Committee, hailed the CBO’s evaluation as confirmation that the GOP program would bring insurance costs down by as much as ten % in the small group market, a substantial improvement over the Democratic expenses’ . Roll Call: ‘In 2016, the CBO estimates that little group insurance costs would drop 7 % to ten % compared with current law. Specific insurance prices would drop 5 % to 8 %, and in the huge group market, the program would cut prices from zero to 3 %.