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Prusiner, MD, director, Institute for Neurodegenerative Illnesses, University of California, SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, and 1997 Nobel Prize champion for his discovery of prions, and Karen Duff, PhD, professor Section of Pathology and Cell Biology, The Taub Institute, Columbia University, and 2006 Potamkin Prize Winner. A complete plan of presentations and sign up information is on the conference's Site: The symposium gives a wealthy and innovative system designed for neurologists specifically, psychiatrists, geriatricians, neuroradiologists, pathologists, neuroscientists and psychologists. The scheduled program is certified for CME credit. The symposium will feature a special night at the Museum of Modern Art in its fresh building in Cleveland's University Circle..Through the award funding, Szanton will demonstrate how with a small purchase in a nurse, occupational therapist and handyman, CAPABLE can both make a positive difference in the fitness of 500 at-risk older Baltimore, MD adults on Medicaid and Medicare and at exactly the same time lower their healthcare costs. Szanton notes, ‘It isn’t rocket science. Simply put, how you are able to live affects your geographical area. For older adults, surviving in poverty and a sub-par environment with chronic disease too often and prematurely leads to nursing home placement. CAPABLE could help change that future to 1 of dignity and better health at home, not in a genuine home.’ Over another three years, she’ll implement and evaluate the CAPABLE program as a model for communities everywhere. While available beneath the Medicaid program’s House – and Community-Based Solutions waiver, the solutions offered through CAPABLE aren’t supplied in a coordinated way.