Offers announced top-line results from its U.

Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners announces top-line results of CPP-109 phase II trial for cocaine addiction Catalyst Pharmaceutical Partners, Inc. Offers announced top-line results from its U.S . Phase II clinical trial to take care of cocaine addiction. The info from the trial showed that CPP-109 didn’t demonstrate statistical significance in the primary endpoint – – a significantly larger proportion of CPP-109-treated topics than placebo-treated topics were cocaine-free during the last two weeks of the procedure period . The scientific trial did not reveal any unexpected critical adverse events.

Citrobacter, for example, is one kind of bacteria that’s reportedly associated with NEC: one study found Citrobacter in three of four infants with NEC, however in no control infants. Yet, in today’s study, sequencing of the gut microbiome on days 16, 18 and 21 revealed the current presence of two strains of Citrobacter, which fluctuated in proportions on the three days significantly. Those big shifts may potentially have been very very important to the medical state of this baby, Banfield said. Fortunately, the infant was fine. The researchers discovered that those two strains were 99 % similar over regions of the genome that may be compared.