The pilot research.

Clinical trial of Novartis MF59 swine-flu vaccine elicits a solid immune response Pilot Leicester research suggests one dosage of vaccine could be sufficientResults from the initial swine-flu vaccine trials occurring in Leicester reveal a strong immune response after just one single dose . The pilot research, run by the University of Leicester and Leicester Hospitals, was trialled with 100 healthful volunteers, aged between 18 and 50. Dr Iain Stephenson, who led the trial at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, said: ‘The medical trial of Novartis MF59-adjuvanted cell-centered A vaccine signifies that the ‘swine flu’ vaccine elicits a strong immune response and can be well-tolerated.

Clinical study demonstrates effectiveness of vismodegib in treating BCNS A revolutionary clinical study has demonstrated the potency of a new drug, vismodegib, in dramatically shrinking and avoiding the development of basal cell skin cancers – the most common cancer in the usa – in patients with basal cell nevus syndrome , a uncommon genetic condition that triggers hundreds to thousands of pores and skin cancers primarily treated by surgical removal. The study, led by Children’s Hospital Oakland Research Institute Senior Scientist and dermatologist Ervin H. Epstein, Jr., MD, and David R. Bickers, MD, of New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University INFIRMARY, today in the New England Journal of Medication was published online. Patients inside our study showed a dramatic reduction both in the development of existing tumors and in the development of brand-new tumors, said Dr.